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The University of Phoenix Phoenix Campus

Survey Results (37)
Quality of Education
6.4 (B-)
Quality of Evaluations/Grading
6.0 (B-)
Credit for "Life Experience"
5.4 (C+)
Quality of Materials
6.7 (B)
Distance Learning fit your needs
7.8 (B+)
Overall Experience
5.9 (B-)
Faculty Commitment
5.5 (C+)
Faculty Educational Diversity
6.5 (B-)
Student-Faculty Ratio/Faculty Overload
7.3 (B)
Responsiveness and Timeliness
5.8 (B-)
Interactivity with other students
6.5 (B-)
Student Service and Support
6.0 (B-)
Responsive to Student Feedback?
5.3 (C+)

University of Phoenix online has a good foundation plan for obtaining an MBA - but you had better be independent unless you join the slackers who must be getting by on less than A grades (why are you in graduate school if you are willing to settle for less than a B?  - get out of the way of the motivated people!).  Most of the instructors are good to great, about half the students seem motivated, and two-thirds of them can write a literate sentence.  The texts, electronic simulations and online electronic library are superb and if you read all of them and work just as if preparing for a classroom situation you might learn how much you can do on your own! 
I took two classes from the “University” of Phoenix Online.  I must say that I feel DUMBER for ever signing up for UOP.  The quality of education is lower than the the special ed classroom at the back of the school.  Don't waste your time or your money.  No one's life is so hectic that you can't take a few classes from a local college and actually learn something and earn a degree that won't be laughed at in the job market.  I spoke to a Human Resources worker and she said the UOP degrees aren't worth much of anything. 
I am working on my MBA and working a full time job.  So its all about flexibilty for me.  I've taken onground classes at the local campus in South Florida, I have also taken courses online and Flexnet which is a hybrid between onground and online.  I have also taken courses as an undergrad from FIU and Kaplan, and I must say my experience with UOP has been superb compared to them.  Professors have more online presence then at the other universities.  There is a misconception about online learning .vs campus learning, everyone seems to think online learning is easier.  Well, it is completely the opposite, and it is not because you need to be self motivated to be an online learner (which is completely true), it is because there is more work.  I guess because of accreditation reasons online courses need to be tougher.  Another think I have to mention is that UOP online is very diverse.  I have has classmates from every corner of our country and sometimes beyond. 
So far I have had the worst experiance ever in my COM120 class, the teacher is unclear on assignments, gives almost no feedback, spends minimum time with students, expects the syllobus to do his job, and fails completely to give guidlines on assigments or notice that there are assigments. 
I graduated in 2003.  At the time it was the best online program I could find.  I could not do traditional education and was pleasantly surprised how this fit my needs. 
Online learning can be difficult as it is fast paced and requires a commitment from you.  If you can motivate yourself and can handle the work load, then this is for you.  I have had a great experience with this so far and would do it again. 
I started my Associates degree with UOP and after a tremendous experience continued on with my Bachelors.  I rarely had any issues with anything and when I did I got immediate response from my academic counselor, finance counselor and instructors.  I honestly cannot think of one thing wrong with this school.  Online learning is tough , there is no doubt about it, but I really feel like I learned something.  Throughout both degrees I struggled with the work, so I know this is not a cake walk, don't think that it is.  You work hard in this school.  But it is worth it.  while in my AA program I was able to easily apply for a different job and the employer loved that I was an online student as he said it showed I was a hard worker and willing to take on something new.  He had great things to say about UOP and the fact that he knew the school and respected it was good enough for me.  There goes the theory that a degree from UOP is worthless, I now make twice what I did before I started there. 
UOP changed my life!!!! 
You will get out of it what you put into it.  I have had good experiences so far, but I also read about 90% of the required reading; thus, I've learned a lot.  The only time I had an issue with a teacher the problem was resolved immediately.  My only complaint is I know for a fact that some of the teachers don't take grading seriously (we're customers as much as students).  For example, a friend (I met in one of my classes) and I both received the same cookie-cutter teacher comments throughout the entire course.  We decided the teacher was lazy, but then we found out one of the class underachievers was getting A's on all of the assignments and received the same teacher comments as us.  So, that part of the program really burns me.  At least all teachers aren't like that.  On a good note, I know of UOP teachers that have been given pink slips due to their lack of sincere involvement in teaching the students.  All in all, UOP is a great learning system.  It is expensive—doggone it, it better pay off in the future.  Be ready to work hard and write a lot of papers.  You will not sit in the back of the class and listen to lectures here; if you don't participate, you don't graduate.  Every class will have a few slackers.  Unfortunately, most of them are on 100% Pell grants so perhaps they don't have the motivation I do.  As far as the naysayers are concerned, don't worry about what HR personnel think, go in and kick tail on your interview.  Besides, the good jobs don't come about from reading newspaper help-wanted ads, anyway. 
I'm currently enrolled at UOP and do not feel like I'm learning.  I completed my AAIT only to be told that I have .3 credits yet to acheive.  This was told to me 3 weeks after I started BSIT.  I cannot get any feedback from any councelor except my enrollement councelor (that is a student by the way).  He is one of the nice people working at UOP.  A couple of instructors were knowledgable and willing to work with the students.  However, most of the instructors are there to post a weekly cookie cutter comment, and the assignments for next week.  I am one that does not like to submit complaints, but I feel that as long as I showed up, I got an A.  I know of students that could hardly do any of the assignments and received the same grade.  I am at a stand still becuase I have viewed many of the same situations at other online schools, and if I am paying double tuition than a brick and motar school, I want to feel I received an education not a pat on the back for “showing up”. 
My overall experience at UOP was pleasant.  It served its purpose and I am proud to say that I am now a college graduate.  I was able to graduate with honors but I had to put in quite a bit of effort.  Yes, there were plenty of classmates that didn't want to put in 1/2 the effort that I was putting into the class, and that really burned me up, but I felt that most of my instructors recognized my committment and gave me credit for that.  If I ever ran into problems or had a personal issue come up, I never had an instructor give me a hard time about having to turn in a paper a day late—I feel that this was a reflection of the type of student that I was.  My one MAJOR complaint about the UOP program is that they force you to work in groups that they call Learning Teams.  I would say that out of my 3 1/2 years at UOP I might have experienced 3 really good learning teams.  The rest usually contained slackers and 2 of us were left to do most of the work.  I felt like I was doing individual work but sharing my grade—so unfair.  Another smaller complaint is that the message boards for the various teams are not password protected and any student could view what the other teams are working on.  We all sign a code of academic ethics, but this never stopped anyone.  I know of a couple of times where someone from another team copied the work and submitted it as their own.  This is very easy to do when you are working on a problem vs.  writing a paper.  Overall, my experience at UOP was very good.  I was able to complete my degree, work full-time, and continue to raise my family.  I don't think that I could have done the same at a traditional college. 
Excellent educational experience.  Received my BSN through UOP and had a wonderful challenging experience.  UOP is an excellent university for those of us who work and cannot take time to go to a classroom after work.  Highly recommend UOP to any one who is working mom or dad. 
B.Sc.  classes are based upon individual papers and team papers.  Many of the facilitators let the classes run themselves and don't take much interest in actually facilitating the class.  I was amazed at the number of students who couldn't spell properly and lacked fundamental research skills.  I chose to do an MBA online because I haven't got time to go to campus based courses, it just seemed that the calibre of students was sorely lacking.  The programme wasn't relevant and after two weeks of class I am leaving University of Phoenix to look for a QUALITY education elsewhere.  If you are looking for an easy degree, this is the place to go.  If you actually want to work for your degree and gain something from studying for your degree then this is not the place for you! 
I am currently in the BS Psychology course, I love every bit of the learning experience. 
I needed a quick education and my company allowed me to progress as fast as possible. 
This school seems erronously to assume that everyone taking classes is already working in the field.  Many assignments are bogus and more like busy work given by high schools.  A waste of both my time and money!! 
This is a great method to get an education; I am loving every minute! 
I would strongly suggest anyone stay away from University of Phoenix - online school only, I do not know of the on campus program - for several reasons: Cost per credit: $555.00 (when I attended a while back); 90% of course materials are online, so after your degree is said and done with, you don't even have a reference library - unless you would prefer to print out 300 pages (per book) on your own printer or that of a location which charges you 10 cents (or greater) per page; the enrollment counselor was uneducated on enrollment protocol, UOP practices (regarding dual enrollment etc.) did not provide me my prior military discount - which by the way I attempted to petition for and was NOT granted due to further uneducated employees; response time and customer service was horrific - don't ever try to contact your financial aid rep (if you are an online student); Do not attempt to attend another school after you have attended UOP online, unless you have graduated from UOP due to the fact they hold your transcripts and verification of enrollment hostage; do NOT leave the college with a balance - even if it is under $100 because they will send you to collections, even if you are making a steady payment every month.  If I have not made my point clear, I do hope someone will heed my advice and stay away from this college.  No one should have to endure the challenges I faced at this institution. 
I am currently finishing my associates with them and moving to another school.  They have garbage instructors who do this as a part time job.  Everyone in my class is an idiot, nobody reads the material or holds intelligent conversations in the forums.  I have turned in papers with random movie quotes in the middle of the paper just to prove that they do not read them.  If you want a college where you will learn absolutely nothing and get a degree, this is it.  After my first four classes I stopped reading and have completed 8 classes without reading a single word from the book, which you pay $65 for and don't even get a hard copy of.  All 8 of those classes I did not read in, I accomplished an A.  Usually I get to week 6 or 7 with a 100% and then just skip an assignment out of laziness because I know I will still get an A. 
I am in my 5th class with UOP, and I have to say that I could kick myself in the butt!  It is horrible!  I have yet to have an instructor that actually cared about what was being supposidly taught!  The syllabus is supposed to guide you through the class, yet each instrutor has not adheared to it and actually expect something totally differant,yet do not give clear instructions.  I don't even think they show up for class other than to send cookie-cutter comments as reviews of your work.  When I first signed up, I was told by my advisor that all of the applications for student aid would be sent out on my behalf and I would know something by the next class.  I know that they have accepted my student loan for payment, but they are not concerned at all about the grants that I applied for and will not even return my calls concerning them!  It is nothing but a money pit!  The discussion question forums are a joke as people talk about topics that are not related to the topics at all.  The “learning teams” are also a huge joke!  The lazy people that are in your learning teams know that they don't have to do ANYTHING and still receive a good grade, and they use it to their advantage!  I work myself to death in learning teams,and the rest of them get the same grade as I do.  I would rather be responsible for my own work and get the grade I deserve, than to have the stress of fullfilling assignments that are made for the work load of 4-5 people!  What a HUGE mistake, I hate the school!  Does anyone know where I can transferr and have a better learning experience?  One without learning teams?  One that stands by what they say they're going to do? 
I knew I needed to obtain a degree in order to work my way up the ladder of law enforcement.  Most agencies require only a high school diploma, but several more notable agencies require an associates or bachelor's degree.  This is why I decided to enrole and attend the University of Phoenix online program.

The assiciate's degree was great.  The classes were informative, decently paced, and the instructors actually knew what they were talking about.

The biggest shocker was when I went on to the bachelor's program.  In this program students from UOP's junior college (Axia) are combined in a class with people that have an assiciates, but have not been to school for some time.  The acedimic advisor's claim this is to get people use to working in teams, but I shortly found the real reason.

They have “learning teams” in which students are grouped together and must complete an assignment.  The problem is that those who are use to online education know what to do and do it, but those who are just coming in have no clue and simply skate by on the coat tails of the other people in the class.

This type of learning fails in 2 ways.  First, those coming from Axia are forced to basically teach the others what to do and how to do it or face failing assignments.  The second way is that t doesn't help with team work as the Axia students get infuriated with the others who put forth little to no effort of their own.

The first and only course I failed was in the bachelor's program simply because I was forced to do others work on the group project and thus had to neglect my personal assignments.

When I voiced my concerns to the acedimic advisors they pushed for me to give it another try.  I did and after another 2 weeks and 2 more failed group assignments (due to the same problems, only this time I focused on my parts only) I withdrew from UOP and vowed never to come back until they did away with the stupid, lame, completely useless learning teams.

Be ware, UOP cares 35% about education, 15% about communication, and 50% about !!!!!!!!! 

The instructors are nice the first few weeks, then they become monsters.  The feedback I received was not helpful.  It was always good and never told me what I needed to improve on.  I believe I should do it all over again just so I would learn something.  The university is over priced and the experience was a waste of time. 
If you are not disciplined - online is not for you.  If you have no experience working with others - the bachelor's teams will make or break you.  I had awesome teams, mediocre teams, and a few team mates that threatened my sanity through their laziness - but the rest of us got the job done.  I have had at least one instructor so far who wanted progression drafts and team notes with the final project and paper - so our “dead wood” did very badly, while the rest of us got a perfect grade on that assignment.

Otherwise - instructors have ranged from “good” to “outstanding” so far.  I have yet to experience the type I had at the state school I attended previously where the instructor did not have a good command of english, and his first announcement to the 300 of us waiting to take Calculus was “You no understand the way I speak???  That YOU problem!"

Needless to say, that at least has been a relief.

In short - you work hard, don't fall behind (it's a nightmare if you do), and you can do well.  It is alarmingly easy to fall behind, and catching up from that is difficult (as my one D attests, other grades have been higher)

The student resources on the website are wonderful.  The library is extensive, and the tutorials and workshops are free and useful for those of us coming back to school.  Though more of my classmates have found time for more of them than I have - the one I did take and their feedback has been positive.

I put in negative feedback on the survey for my advisor once - and her manager called me within a day.  That impressed me.

Overall it's been a good experience so far.  Should things change, I'll post that.

One more note - I tend to remember more here as the “brick and mortar” campuses I've attended emphasized midterm and final being grade.  So I'd cram and lose most within days of the test.  Here I'm actually remembering things after the class is over, which is a definite improvement.

unfair counselors had me take classes i previously took at another university staing that i still needed to take it because it was at a higher level.  which was untrue.  I never knew that if you received a F in a class you had to pay the college back.  they also threaten me when I tried to leave the school and told me that I belong to the school financially because they held my loans and were given the money by Sallie mae and I couldn't leave the school until a specifice date.they are crooks the teachers never reply to e-mails.  And their Math online program destroyed two of my computers.  They are crooks. 
A bit surprised it seems to simple and yet uesful. 
you, I wanted to go to coellge because I want to have a coellge degree.  Went to the Junior College in Idaho for two years before I have to quit because they have put me on Academic Suspension for low grade.  That, plus I have to moved out of Idaho to California.As for your commit on most coellge grads are like robot, they cannot think for themselve because they are being brainwash by the system.  Thinking that the coellge degree could get only success in?  life which was a lie. 
I'm in my last class finishing my degree in Business Administration.  I began with UOP in November 2009, and it has been the best fit for me.  I work full-time with two small kids, and I feel like I have gotten more out of my classes at UOP than any other school I've attended.  It is a lot of writing, and you can't write a paper if you don't understand the material.  I can memorize enough to pass a multiple-choice exam, but then not remember any of it after the class is over.  With this format, I am really learning the material and applying it to my current job.  The team assignments can be frustrating at times, but in 2.5 years, I have only had three classes where I had bad team experiences.  Everyone in the class is there for a reason, so it typically works out pretty well.  It can be challenging, but has also helped how I work with others in my job now.  I definitely think there are some faculty who are much more involved and better quality than others, but that has been my experience at my three previous schools as well.  Overall, they have been really good, and I don't have any complaints. 
Compare UPhoenix-PhoenixSave UPhoenix-Phoenix

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