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Malformed University Name, Uncategorized Surveys

Survey Results (49)
Quality of Education
5.6 (C+)
Quality of Evaluations/Grading
4.8 (C)
Credit for "Life Experience"
4.5 (C)
Quality of Materials
4.8 (C)
Distance Learning fit your needs
5.1 (C+)
Overall Experience
4.6 (C)
Faculty Commitment
3.7 (C-)
Faculty Educational Diversity
3.9 (C-)
Student-Faculty Ratio/Faculty Overload
3.9 (C-)
Responsiveness and Timeliness
3.7 (C-)
Interactivity with other students
3.5 (C-)
Student Service and Support
4.2 (C-)
Responsive to Student Feedback?
3.5 (C-)

It has helped a lot with medical coding
It was fun for a while but it was a big mistake and i would NEVER do it again! 
I have been to three online schools now, Kaplan being my third.  (FMU and Crown College were the others).  Kaplan has the best format, it's easy to navigate in the classrooms and there are a lot of nice extras like a student degree plan so you can see what you've taken and what you've got left to do.  My academic adviser was changed a lot at first but I have had a great one for two terms now.  I love that there are no team assignments as these were always difficult in other schools.  I also love the choices of classes, and the degree programs, I switched to Legal Studies from Paralegal to take advantage of all the open electives.

My only difficulty with Kaplan is the financial aid department.  When I try to contact them it takes several attempts and at least a week to hear back.  In addition Kaplan's classes end up costing almost $2000 per term, it is very expensive.  This is why I am considering finding another school, but it is difficult since all the other aspects of this school are so positive. 

If anyone has been to Kaplan and moved on to something better let me know! 

Delivery is very scattered.  Need books not CD roms.  Hard to find materials. 

I am in my third semester with University of Phoenix.  My experience has been both good and terrible.  My COM 125 professor was a complete idiot.  She deducted 12% off of my final grade for not having sufficient words in my final, when in fact i was well over.  She went back and fourth, then when she couldnt support her claim, she told me to be happy with my grade beause it is good.  A “B” for the class and a “c” on the final is not good in my book.  Her grading throughout the semester was a disaster.  I would miss a small detail and she would deduct 50% from my grade. 

This unfortunately is not the first idiot professor i have had there.  This semester it seems that my professors are both decent.  I am taking my core classes and enjoy it.  But I am looking into alternatives, because of the problems I have had to deal with. 

I called Colorado Tech because I know someone who graduated from there and loved it.  The person I spoke to in admissions “Doug Taylor” was a complet A**hole.  Instead of listening and answering my questions, he attempted to strong arm me into signing up.  I have been in sales and have run my own business for 5 years.  If any of my people treated a potential client like this they would be immediately fired.  Long story short I am willing to deal with the problems at the University of Phoenix. 

Their admissions and student support are great, even though I cant say the same for some of their professors.  The classes are for the most part not challanging, but I really dont have the time for the same level of schooling as regular college.  Now that I am in my core classes I enjoy the material and the class has good discussion.  To be perfectly honest I was this dissapointed in regular college.  You just have to slap on a fake smile and plow through the Sh*t to achieve what you want. 

Advisor usually did not return phone calls when messages were left( 1 out of 10 messages left were returned).  Advisor did not return email messages ( zero out of 5 messages returned.  I gave up trying) I wondered if he even opens his email?.  Advisor was nice “when” student did get a hold of this person but found this person ineffectual when needed to “actually get something accomplished on my behalf”.  I have been attending Adams State College for 2 years and have attended a variety of colleges, courses, and programs at other schools.  I have graduated from these programs and find that there is need for drastic improvement when comparing Adams State with these other colleges and Universities.  Especiallly, in areas of communication from the Adams State College Extended Studies department.  This has been such a disappointing educational experience for me, that once I complete the 30 credit requirement; I am going to try to take courses at another college as opposed to taking more courses with Adams State.

In addtion, course materials/study guides are not kept up to date.  I took a Sociology class where there were 100 points missing from the grading scale in the study guide.  A year later I found when I clicked on the same study guide online, that this error had still not been corrected, even though professor had been informed a year ago.  I am pleased with the professors, but I believe they spend most of their money on professors salaries, and then don't have enough left in the budget to improve other areas.  I do understand that this is a State College and money is limited.  Be prepared if you attend this school through extended studies to not wait for them to send exams, you will have to call and insure that things are getting done as they should

I would be curious to know if other Extended Studies students are experiencing as much frustration as I am? 

The overall experience at AMU was a pretty good one.  I am currently in the military and they were flexible with my work schedule.  They are also very understanding if something comes up.  In every class I have taken there has been a lot of student-student and student-teacher interactions.  It was easy to schedule classes with their set up and they graded pretty fairly. 
Not the best choice unless you want to snooze your way to a degree.  There is no challenge, no avenues for discussion and the Angel System is just a cookie-cutter system with programmed learning system: same 1 course after another.  A lecture should be more then a 2 minute read.  Only difference from a diploma mill is that here you do have to do “something”.  just not very much. 
Capella University (on line is a farce)

The computer systems are bad and they don't allow direct contact to IT people.  I finally could not proceed as my papers were not viewable by other students and the instructor when posted.  It was like taking a class and being told to sit in the hall.

Of course they want their money for providing shit.  When I complained I got nasty Email about the caliber of the person they wanted at their school.  A community college with attitude is all it really is.  They should pull the online status of any college if they don't know what they are doing. 

I attended UWA's online program and it was a terrible experience!  I hardly ever heard from my professors and discussion board was never used.  I took 5 classes and only 2 teachers actually graded the work as I turned it in.  For my other classes, I never received a grade for work completed.  I only got 1 grade and that was a final grade for the class.  I feel like UWA took my money, gave me a syllabus and walked away.  This is a terrible online program and I would not recommend it to anyone. 
I am a full-time woker and a partime DEN ( Distance Education Network)for my MSCS.  The experience with the study in this school is terribly bad.  It's a long painfull ordeal where a DEN student spends a lot of time, effort, and emotion (because of being insulted by pofessors and TAs) but does not get much out of the study.  Let's me tell a few:

* Live webcast is awfully bad.  It sometimes works sometime does not.  Pictures are blur, sound is soft and unclear unless a professor has a loud voice like Mr.  Windsor.  When you contact the web tech, they don't care.  All they do is to tell you that it works fine at THEIR ends.  Sound silly, doesn't it? 

* Teachers do not care much about DEN students, you hardly to make an appointment to see them.  If you raise questions about lectures or homework they don't want to answer you right away or just ignore.  If you keep asking, they will hate you.  They are not helpful at all except Prof Boehm or Horrowitz.

* USC shorts of good professors for MSCS and PhD CS.  It hires someone at PhD level (but not graduate) to teach 500 courses.  Some PhD student teaches Software Architecture CS578, a very important course for CS.  Some even does not have skills in a paricular subject, for example, an instructor at PhD level in Physics teaches Database 585.  Sound funny, huh? 

* TAs do not care about students for sure.  Most of TAs are not helpful at all.  They just want to get some money to support themselves when they're studying.  They don't care about students' need.  They dont' want to hear your questions about homework the need for help.  They would get mad and insult you if you insist.  Some TAs are very stuck up, they treat you like ididots.

* The Tuition is very expensive $5000 for 4 units course + $500 DEN fee that is not worth for the quality.  They can take in 300 students for one class but dont's want to spend time to answer students' questions. 

* USC is probably best for international students who are not acceptable or not qualified to other good schools.

* They just get your money but don't want to provide the adequate services or qualified teaching.  If you complain, they would say that it's your fault and that you're not good enough to understand the subjects.  That's is suck!!! 

* The surrounding environment is horribbly bad.  All kinds of crimes everyday --- roberry, sex assualt, etc.

* Parking attendants are stuck up also.  They treat you as if you're not deserved for a parking space.  Even you pay $8.00/day, you can not find a parking spot .  It can take up 1/2 -1 hour to find a parking space inside structure.

*Don't wait your time and money in that school.  Try other school like UCI, fresh atmostphere, green environment, better attitude professors/TAs/staff and school management . 

was a great experience
u of u is really bad college , they want just money only they do not care student , this collage had really bad system just money, money and money , this college so jerk,i do not know utah has a jerk college like this
I was enrolled in the on-line masters program in educational leadership at Georgia Southern University.  I made all As and one B in my core classes.  I made a F in statistics.  I had never had statistics before and this wasn't statistics for educators.  This was graduate level statistics.  Plus, I'm not very mathematically inclined.  I'm not an idiot.  I have a Bachelor's in education.  I never wanted to (or expected to have to) take more advanced math courses.  I took the class again and managed to bring my grade up to a D.  When I asked my advisor a question about the grade, I kept getting passed on to someone else.  The head of the department told me to go back and look at the graduate handbook.  Finally, the head of the graduate department said that since my GPA had dropped to 2.7 and didn't look like I would be able to bring it back up to a 3.0 or higher by the end of the coming semester, that at the end of the semester (the one I was getting ready to sign up for) that I would be expelled from the program.  There was no discussion of any options.  He signed the email with “Good luck”.  My advisor never contacted me with any advice or offers of help.  If I had not asked the question and pushed for an answer, I would have wasted another semester before I found out that I was out of the program.  I would NOT recommend the school to anyone. 
I had no interaction with the professor.  All my questions and concerns went un answered.  I had the distinct feeling it was more about getting paid for the class than providing guidance in your course.  Additionally, My advisor has been able to provide me with no direction on my curriculum.  I not sure what I am paying for here. 
Teacher interactions never occurred aside from a response containing less than 10 words for assignment 'evaluation'.  No critique received for assignment work.  Instructor never posted any messages or correspondence.  Canned messages that were posted contained information from other semesters.  This was worse than the worst I've heard about diploma mills.  At least they make an effort at those places to interact. 
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Malformed University Name  Uncategorized Surveys

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